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GPA Europe Young Professional Training Day

Join us 14 November 2022 for our Young Professional Training Day.

A 1-day Training Day organised by GPA Europe, hosted by TechnipEnergies for graduates and chartered engineers with up to 5 years’ experience.

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09:30 - 16:30
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Technip Energies - Paris (Origine), 2126 Bd de la Défense CS 10266, 92741 Nanterre, France

Welcome to our Young Professional Training Day

14 November 2022

A FREE 1-day Training Day organised by GPA Europe, hosted by TechnipEnergies for graduates and chartered engineers with up to 5 years’ experience.

Delegates from non-member companies are welcome to attend for a fee of £100 / €120.

Our Young Professional Day is designed for people, who have recently joined or are thinking of joining the energy industries. Delegates are anticipated to have a strong technical backgrounds or interest. The day is intended to help in understanding how your technical expertise can be applied within our industry. Our focus is on technical aspects seen in few other industries.

Following the conference, we would like to invite you to take the short walk to the Pullman Paris la Défense Hotel for drinks and canapés. A chance to meet your fellow delegates. Good company and a relaxing atmosphere. Our Young Professional Reception will be combined with our Annual Conference Welcome Reception and a great opportunity to network with key players in the industry.

The day has been designed by the GPA Europe Young Professional Committee.


Professional Speakers

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across Europe.

The day has been designed by the GPA Europe Young Professional Committee and will focus on:

Gas Processing Technologies

Successful Project Execution

Equipment in Gas Processing

Role of LNG in the Energy Transition

Impact of Digitalisation


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We are delighted to present our Young Professional Training Day programme to you. Please note this is subject to change.

Information is being added regularly so do come back!





Young Professional Day
10:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 14:00


Young Professional Day
14:00 - 16:30


Networking Drinks Reception 
17:00 - 19:00



We are delighted to present our 1-day programme to you. Please note this is subject to change.

Information is being added regularly so do come back!

Monday 14 November 2022

10:00 - 10:30

From technology to implementable solution in CCU

Christina Nenu, Shell Global Solutions


10:30 - 11:00

Knowledge Management as a Competitive Advantage

Taras Grigoryev, TechnipEnergies

In this presentation you will learn what Knowledge Management (KM) is and will hear about its foundational elements. Also you will see the benefit of adopting KM in an organization and how it helps “brain intensive” companies like Technip Energies achieve business results in more effective and innovative ways.


11:00 - 11:30

Troubleshooting operating plants using process simulation – Case Studies

Katerina Hejnova, Bryan Research & Engineering

This presentation will emphasize the role of process simulation in getting insight into operations. It will showcase the benefits of combining good knowledge of simulation and expertise in operations. Several case studies will be covered focusing on gas purification and equipment design.


12:00 - 12:30

Liquid vs. Fixed Bed H2S Scavengers. Working in Harmony or Against Each Other for H2S Removal

Michael Crawshaw, Schlumberger

Natural gas sweetening extensively utilizes both liquid scavengers and fixed bed adsorbent technology. Typically, an operator uses one of these chemical treatment options for the selective removal of Hydrogen Sulfide in crude oil and natural gas processing. Few suppliers provide both liquid and fixed bed adsorbent and are therefore unable to look objectively an optimized natural gas sweetening solution using both technologies together. In this paper, we discuss the advantages and disadvantageous of each natural gas sweetening technology. This review focuses on an overview of both liquid scavenger and fixed bed adsorbent, including a process description, chemistry, equipment required, footprint, method of monitoring performance, system maintenance, and the resulting economics. A successful case study demonstrating hybrid system operation is included. This case study demonstrates how a hybrid system, using a liquid scavenger followed by a fixed bed adsorbent can be more effective in meeting customer's specific requirements. A hybrid system can improve control of both CAPEX and OPEX and provide flexible operation.


12:30 - 13:00

Gas liquefaction – Comparison of different liquefaction technologies

Thierry Gorilliot, TotalEnergies

  • Liquefaction processes classification
  • Liquefaction Processes market shares
  • Relative Efficiency and typical size of the different liquefaction processes
  • Liquefaction principles: Typical cooling curves
  • Focus on two popular liquefaction processes 
  • Chart IPSMR
  • Air Products C3-MR


14:00 - 14:30

World Premiere LCO2 Marine Loading Arms

Souhail Ben Ali, TechnipEnergies

GHG emissions increasingly threaten our planet, Carbon Capture and Sequestration has become a key focus.

As a technology pioneer in the transfer solution industry, T.EN Loading Systems manufactured the 3 world’s first liquid CO2 Marine Loading Arms.

We have conducted a comprehensive design and qualification program for our swivel joints, Emergency Release System and sealing system to ensure full compatibility with CO2 specific properties.

Discover through this presentation, the lessons learnt of the world’s first LCO2 loading arms manufacturing.


14:30 - 15:00

Sulfur components: a challenge for sour gas production

Renaud Cadours, TotalEnergies

The specifications on sales gas and environmental emissions are the main targets when designing a sour gas plant. But the presence of sulfur components such as mercaptans or COS is also a key parameters to define the optimum configuration.

Recent studies will be used to highlight the impact of several parameters on the optimum design, considering the specific context of the project. The presentation will focus also on the consequence of technology selection for AGRU, LPG treatment, SRU-TGTU on the overall plant performance, including also OPEX and CAPEX optimization.


15:30 - 16:30

Troubleshooting poorly performing filters/coalescers

Martin Copp, Parker Hannifin

Filters and Coalescers are used in all walks of life where we produce, utilise or consume fluids are processed or used. Our cars (at least those with internal combustion engines) are only able to provide the reliable, economic and ever lower emissions that we expect as a result of the Fuel, Lube and Air filters they use.  We are able to turn on the tap and safely drink fresh water as a result of the filtration and purification processes that the water goes through. Planes can fly at high elevation and temperatures well below freezing point due to the filters and coalescers used in the fuelling procedure. Milk, beer, wine and carbonated drinks are safe for us to consume due to harmful bacteria being removed via filtration.

Filtration and coalescing technologies are also widely used in every processing environment. The economics of hydrocarbon processing is heavily affected by the effectiveness of the filters and coalescers utilised. Plants are only able to produce on spec products and operate at the highest energy efficiency, highest throughput, highest reliability and lowest maintenance costs if the correct filtration and coalescing technology is installed and correctly maintained. Even when the correct filtration solutions are installed, operational issues can occur which affects the performance of this critical equipment. This seminar will look at the types of filters and coalescers commonly employed, operational issues that might be encountered and ways to identify what is causing the operational issues.

Souhail Ben Alil
Section Title
Souhail Ben Alil
Section Description
Souhail graduated from the French Engineering School Ponts & Chaussées in Paris and has a degree in Material & Mechanical Engineering. He started his career in Loading Systems in Sens as Mechanical Team Leader in the Design Office. He joined then the Supply Chain team as Subcontractor Manager where he managed and supervised externalized loading arms manufacturing. With 10 years of experience within the company, Souhail is today part of the Sales Department with the role of developing Loading Systems business and in particular for Energy Transition.
Section Title
Renaud Cadours
Section Description
Renaud Cadours is Acid Gas Process Specialist in the Process division of TotalEnergies.

He has 25 years of experience in process design, operations and development of new acid gas treating technologies. He was in particular involved in the development of the acid gas removal with solvent technologies.

He holds a Master degree and a PhD in chemical engineering from the Paris School of Mines. He has authored more than 60 papers and patents, most of them related to acid gas treatment.
Martin Copp
Section Title
Martin Copp
Section Description
Martin Copp graduated from The School of Chemical Engineering at The University of Birmingham in 1990. After a couple of years working for Alfa-Laval designing compact heat exchangers, he joined Koch Engineering as a process engineer designing Mass Transfer and Separation internals. After having various different jobs in the Mass transfer sphere, he joined PECOFacet as Business Development manager in 2010. Following the acquisition of PECOFacet by Parker Hannifin in 2017, he has held a couple of different Sales and Technology functions and recently has taken the position of Engineering Manager for the Hydraulic and Industrial Filtration, EMEA, Division of Parker Hannifin. Martin has been heavily involved in GPA Europe activities for more than 15 years now and was the Chairperson for 2019/ 2020. Outside of work his passions are Cycling, Rugby and Sailing.
Michael Crawshaw
Section Title
Michael Crawshaw
Section Description
Michael Crawshaw is Schlumberger’s Subject Matter Expert for the removal of Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercury using adsorbent technologies. Michael holds a degree in Chemistry and a Master’s in Business Administration. Since 2008 he has worked across production, sales and development of these metal oxide and metal sulfide products. Michael introduced this technology into several new markets and today Schlumberger’s SULFATREAT technology is used in more than 30 countries globally. In 2012 he led the introduction of Schlumberger’s portfolio for the removal of mercury. In 2017 Michael was appointed the Technical Manager and has helped to develop some of the highest capacity H2S adsorbents on the market today.
Section Title
Thierry Gorilliot
Section Description
Thierry Gorilliot joined TotalEnergies in September 2018 as a LNG Process Specialist and has more than 20 years experience in natural gas processing and LNG technologies. Before 2018 he worked at Saipem and Technip. His background includes process engineering and design, commissioning & startup. He holds a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Industries Chimiques of Nancy (France).
Taras Grigoryev
Section Title
Taras Grigoryev
Section Description
Taras Grigoryev started his career as a Mechanical Engineer right after he received a Master degree in this field. He has 10 years of engineering experience in high-tech areas such as industrial hydraulics, aerospace, subsea oil production, etc. 5 years ago he has moved to Knowledge Management supported by his another Master degree – this time in Education of Professionals. Since then he has been helping his company to effectively share, store and apply critical knowledge through various tools and methods. Today Taras implements full portfolio of Knowledge Management Solutions within Technip Energies.
Katerina Hejnova
Section Title
Katerina Hejnova
Section Description
Katerina Hejnova is Consulting Engineer with Bryan Research & Engineering supporting ProMax users in Europe. She graduated in 2017 with Master´s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. She is commited to help engineers in using process simulation to tackle their challenges. As a mother of two year old, she understands the need of working efficiently with limited amount of time therefore she is always ready to provide effective training and timely support on ongoing projects.

Don’t miss these opportunities for networking with your peers during your time at the GPA Europe Young Professional Training Day.


Join us in the Conference foyer for snacks and beverages during your morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.


Young Professional Reception

​Continuing the day, we would like to invite you all to take the short walk to Pullman Paris La Défense Hotel for drinks and canapés.

A chance to meet your fellow delegates. Good company and a relaxing atmosphere.

Our Young Professional Reception will be combined with our Annual Conference Welcome Reception and a great opportunity to network with key players in the industry.


From Charles de Gaulle Airport or Orly Airport

By Taxi

Only taxis located at stations at the Arrivals gates are authorised to take charge of customers. These official taxis are recognisable by the light sign located on the roof of the vehicle. If you are approached at the exit from the baggage claim area by people claiming to be taxis, we recommend declining their proposal.

Address: Technip Energies - Paris (Origine), 2126 Bd de la Défense CS 10266, 92741 Nanterre, France

From Gare Du Nord Train Station

Take the RER B or RER D one stop to Châtelet - Les Halles. Change onto the RER A for 4 stops to Nanterre - Préfecture. Technip Energies - Paris (Origine) is a 6minute walk from the station.

By Car

Address: Technip Energies - Paris (Origine), 2126 Bd de la Défense CS 10266, 92741 Nanterre, France


There are a limited number of visitor car parking spaces at Technip Energies - Paris (Origine). If you are planning to come by car, please let us know and we can arrange parking for you. There is also parking with the surrounding area.


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General Conference

When and where will the GPA Europe Young Professional Training Day take place?

The GPA Europe Young Professional Training Day 2022 will take place on Monday 14 November. Registration from 09:30am and Conference start at 10am.

What is the address of TechnipEnergies?

Technip Energies - Paris (Origine)

2126 Bd de la Défense CS 10266

92741 Nanterre


What is the common language spoken at the conference?

The official language of the conference is English, and all general sessions will be presented in English.

What is the recommended conference attire?

Casual to business dress is appropriate.

Is there an email contact for questions?

Yes, you can send general questions to [email protected]


What are the registration fees for the event?

The event is free for members, or £100 / €120 for non-members.

What payments do you accept for registration?

When registering, you may pay by credit card or bank transfer. 

What is included in the registration?

Your registration for a full conference pass entitles you to the following:

  • General sessions
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Networking Reception


Is there a deadline for registration?

No, there's no deadline. You can register online through to the first day of the conference.

Conference Access

Will I need a badge to get in?

Yes, a conference badge is required for entry into the conference and should be worn at all times. You'll be able to pick up your badge at the registration desk which will be open throughout the duration of the conference.

The registration desk will be located in the reception of Technip Energies - Paris (Origine). The registration desk will be open from 9am on the morning of the conference. We recommend you arrive early as security checks will need to take place so the registration process will be longer than usual.

Do I need a visa to attend the conference?

There are a few countries that require a visa for entry. We recommend checking in advance with your country's local consulate for details and requirements.

How do I obtain a visa invitation letter?

In order to request a visa letter from GPA Europe, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Full name on passport
  • Date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport number, place and date of issue, and date of expiration


Are you a government official?

Visa invitation letters will be submitted for approval for attendees who have requested a letter and have completed registration data for a full conference pass, including payment. Please note, we can only issue visa letters for fully paid attendees and you will need to allow two to three weeks for your embassy to process your request.


What special dietary requirements are accommodated with the meals at the conference?

If you have any special dietary requests, please be sure to inform us during the registration process.


Is there parking available at TechnipEnergies?

There are a limited number of visitor car parking spaces at TechnipEnergies. There is also parking with the surrounding area.

What is the best method of travel to TechnipEnergies?

If travelling from either of the airports, the quickest method of transport is via Taxi. If travelling from the Gare du Nord the RER will take you within a 6 minute walk of TechnipEnergies.


Can I pre-register for sessions?

There is no need to pre-register for sessions, all sessions are open to all attendees.

Can I get copies of the material presented at the conference?

Yes, the papers will be provided to all delegates.

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