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Improving Sulphur Recovery Unit flexibility and performance through Reaction Furnace Fuel Gas Co-firing and Oxygen Enrichment

The objective is to go over the design approach to detail design three Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) in Tanajib Gas Plant Project (Saudi Arabia) and achieve Saudi Aramco environmental goal of minimizing emissions (including acid gas flaring).

Due to the wide range of acid gas compositions, many design challenges appeared during detail design. The capacity of each SRU Train can be varied from 850 metric tons per day (MTPD) of produced sulphur, when the train operates with Fuel Gas co-firing, to 1,275 MTPD when operating with Oxygen Enrichment. Utilizing oxygen enrichment when one SRU train is taken out for maintenance, the capacity of the remaining two can be increased to 50% of the total feed flow each as, using Oxygen Enrichment, the inert nitrogen is being replaced by reactive acid gas.

Moreover, the application of combined co-firing and oxygen enrichment guarantees a remarkable operational flexibility both in terms of plant capacity and rangeability of Acid Gas composition.

Saipem, Saudi Aramco Project Management Team (SAPMT), Comprimo and the Burner supplier worked together to develop solutions to mitigate the risk associated to this operating mode.

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