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Recent Improvements and Cost Reduction in the CANSOLV CO2 Capture Process

An extensive pilot plant test was performed to obtain operational data at higher regeneration pressure (4 bara instead of 2 bara) while using an enhanced amine blend of CANSOLV DC103. The key performance indicators (KPIs) monitored included regeneration energy, amine degradation rate and emissions. DC103 Alpha, in combination with high pressure regeneration (4.0 bara), achieved the largest reduction in reboiler duty compared to the base case (DC-103 at 2.0 bara) with up to 10% reduction in specific energy (GJ per ton of CO2 captured). The amine degradation rate remained constant for both amine regeneration pressures. The combination of a small relative increase in temperature and the inherent resistance of DC103 amine structure against degradation may explain this stability at increased pressure. The emissions at stack were monitored and the 24 hours average amine emissions remained significantly below the emission target level of 0.2 ppmv, excluding few events of abnormal operating conditions, such as plant trip. It was established that the use of the enhanced DC 103 blends can still meet the amine emissions commitments.

The following items will be beneficially impacted by high regeneration pressure: reduced CO2 compression power and number of CO2 compression stages; reduced reboiler duty and steam consumption; reduced regenerator column diameter and height and reduced regenerator condenser area.

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