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Natural Gas Fuels the Energy Transition

Natural gas usage is forecast to rise over the next ten years as part of global efforts to move away from coal to reduce CO2 emissions. Natural gas contains hydrogen sulphide and mercury impurities which are damaging to health, the environment, and to downstream processes, so it is essential that these are removed as part of gas processing.

Johnson Matthey’s PURASPECTM range of absorbents are ‘fit and forget’ fixed bed solutions for hydrogen sulphide and mercury removal. The latest step-out technology in the PURASPEC range is presented.

PURASPEC 1065 for sulphur removal offers a 25% improvement in capacity for hydrogen sulphide removal over the previous product. This improvement has been achieved through an increase in the density of the reactive copper phase, and an increase in the product’s geometric surface area giving rise to faster kinetics.

For mercury removal the latest generation products include PURASPEC 1198/1199 which offers a 25% improvement in capacity for mercury removal. This is achieved through improvements in the mercury removal kinetics which allows for higher utilisation of the active copper component. PURASPEC 1193/1194 in the latest generation is also presented, which offers the best water tolerance of all PURASPEC mercury absorbents.

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